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BoldLi interior

BoldLi interior is an interior studio that has experienced enormous growth over the past year. That's why it was time for a new look!

Spice Branding was able to develop a completely new look for Lisan from BoldLi interior. We started with a strong corporate identity so that the foundation of her company is strong. We then followed this up with a strategic website that completely matches her vision and strategy.

Lisan's words: I am satisfied with the collaboration with Laura for designing my branding and creating my website. Laura responded quickly to my questions and we were able to communicate efficiently during the process. 

What I especially appreciated were Laura's creative ideas. She knew how to perfectly translate my vision into a unique and professional website that suits me completely. I also liked that Laura was open to my input and feedback. She listened carefully to my wishes and actively thought about translating them into the design. In this way we have really achieved a result together that I am proud of.

In short, I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a talented and reliable website and branding design professional.


+ Jalapeño branding package
+ Custom Web design

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