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Lina IJmker

Lina IJmker is a brand new wedding planner who has taken the step to launch her own company. The visual appearance of Lina IJmker had to be set up and Spice Branding was able to carry out this assignment with love.

Spice Branding, together with Lina, was able to create strong branding with an appropriate strategy through the Carolina branding package, with which she has not only tackled her offline branding but also her socials!

Once the branding was rock solid, we continued with a tailor-made web design that was well thought out both visually and strategically. For Lina, this has resulted in strong brand recognition and a perfect start for her company.

Lina's words: I would definitely recommend Spice Branding! Laura can be reached very quickly and her creativity knows no bounds. With her help, we created an incredibly sleek website that perfectly suits my wishes and needs. It is truly a pleasure to work with her; she really adds something extra and has brought my ideas to life in a way I could never have imagined.


+ Carolina branding package
+ Custom Web design

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